Who we are

Established in 1995 and based in Liverpool, we are one of the leading construction companies in the North West.

We operate throughout the North West of England, with the capacity to work nationally.

Regardless of location we apply our knowledge and experience to every project.  This has been gained through a broad client base and having worked across multiple sectors.  As a result we offer a diverse service.

As our business continues to grow so does our ability to complete larger projects.

We treat every scheme with the same passion and attention to detail.  Regardless of project size or complexity our commitment is the same.  Because of this you always get clear communication, transparency and close collaboration.

We embrace training and technological improvement to drive the abilities of our highly experienced teams.  This applies equally both on and off site.

Being privately owned, we are able to operate a Director-led approach to all aspects of our company.  This ensures continuity in all aspects of our work.

In essence, we are an innovative and adaptable company which can deliver.

Our Commitments

These are the things which make us, well, us.

Though they are often quite easy to say, they require focus and determination to implement.  By doing so we deliver across our business and on every project.


Quality is demonstrably at the heart of everything we do.

We maintain our SSIP and relevant ISO accreditation’s so that our customers and clients can, at a glance, see the standards to which we work.

This isn’t to say that we tick our boxes and leave it there.

Instead we harness the knowledge and experience of our entire team whilst fostering a culture of continual improvement and best practise.

Whether developing processes, applying technology, or retaining valuable practical experience, we deliver on your expectations.


We operate a systemic and rigorous approach to Health and Safety.

Implemented from the beginning of every project this ensures a safe environment for all.

This is combined with a culture of best practice and learning over blame.

Continual monitoring and reporting ensures we complete our work with the minimum intrusion on our wider surroundings.

Through our ISO and OHSAS, we continually drive reductions in exposure to risk and our environmental impacts, both on-site and in our wider business.


Without our customers and clients we wouldn’t be here.

We believe in delivering every project on time and budget to the exact specification and to the best possible quality.

This simple sounding attitude belies the work required to make that happen.

Our attitude is one of continual dialogue and an honest, personal approach where we offer solutions over problems.

In doing so we attract and retain the confidence of our clients.  In short, they know that we do what we say we can do.


It’s not just us who provide these things however.

Without a reliable and extensive supplier and subcontract network to draw upon, certain things just couldn’t happen.

The attitude and our relationships are as important as the work they complete.  This ensures we know we can rely on them, as can our clients.

Beyond this we engage constructively with the wider community, associated industry bodies and public authorities.

Add in the long-term professional relationships we build, and you can be confident that things will get done promptly, without any shortcuts being taken.


Our ability to do these things comes from the people we hire.

We operate on the basis that effective people have a depth and breadth of experience and knowledge, In turn we improve our capabilities.

Equally importantly we retain long-term motivated employees .

This is in combination with our commitments to sustainability, social issues and making a positive impact within communities.

Engaging this way we enhance the reputation of the industry whilst delivering as a business.


This doesn’t just come from employing people and letting them get on with it.

We run an ongoing training programme for everyone at Nobles.  This not only covers statutory and legislative requirements, important as these are.

We also encourage and support our employees in undertaking broader training and development to further develop their skills and abilities.

Embracing innovative technological solutions we work on the basis that the more IT can do, the more we can focus on actually completing projects.


All of this derives from our Director led business model.

Their involvement in all aspects of the business ensures a continuity of approach and unity of purpose.

This is combined with an experienced and diverse senior management team with an open company structure and a collegiate atmosphere.

We are therefore able to make time-sensitive decisions whilst ensuring the wider team is constantly aware of business and project priorities.

This nimbleness of approach has established us as one of the leading construction companies in the Liverpool area.

Industry Leading Credentials